Our philosophy

  • Our approach to children is non-directive. Lecturer is a new language guide and a helper.
  • We respect every child´s personality and his or her needs.
  • We try to stimulate an inner motivation in children.
  • We don´t compare children among themselves.
  • We help children to ease their handling of life in an environment of another language.

Our methods

We connect different teaching methods according to language level, children´s age and mainly according to every child´s or group´s needs.

Spontaneous play

For preschool and younger school children, play is the most natural activity. If a child gets to the stage of passion in the game, quite naturally he or she learns about the names of the objects, people and activities they engage with in the game and remembers them very quickly, because it is immediately used. Child is not stressed by misunderstanding, because when you play, everything can be explained by symbols.

Project-based learning

This method is mainly used for school children who can already read and write. Children themselves find out information within a certain topic, create a complex project about it and thus learn about it much more than if someone explained that to them. In this way, we also learn grammar. Child is exposed to the functioning of the grammar in practice and from that he or she can deduce what is the actual function of each element.

Experiential learning

Learning by creating. If you make a zoo of Play-Doh, jewellery of fimo, paint on cups, make candles, bake a cake or just cut out a paper town (such as the Nativity Scene for Christmas), you will learn naturally the vocabulary accompanying this creating.

Rhythm and language

Maybe one day when you visit, we will be drumming, reading poetry or singing. Maybe you will think that you have mistaken a band lesson with a Czech one, but do not worry, you would be in the right place! Every language has its own melody – intonation, accents, rhythm. When you discover this in a language, you are almost ready because you begin to understand. And when you understand, speaking is just step away.