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LenkaFounder, project manager, lecturer
I have studied Czech language and psychology at Faculty of Education in Pilsen, where I was also able to complete a certificate to teach Czech language for foreigners. During my studies I have already had experienced teaching foreigners privately and at summer language school organized by the university. Later on I have completed an internship at “Czech School without Borders” in Paris that led me to write my thesis about teaching Czech language for bilingual children. After completing my internship I have continued to research Czech language teaching and bilingual upbringing. Since 2008 I am also engaged in experiential education and socio-psychological training. I’ve strenghten my experience as a teacher of foreign kids at the Czech-German Thomas Mann Gymnasium in Prague, which I left recently to devote myself solely to running Czech under control.
I studied Czech and French languages in Brno. During my bachelor’s degree, I went twice to the Czech community in Ukraine to teach them Czech. I lived for five years in Paris where I taught Czech at the Czech School Without Borders and studied French. During my stay in Paris I worked with children of all age – parrents with toddlers, pre-school children and schoolers.
Privately, I taught French and Czech language adults as well as teenagers and I led the Czech language camp for bilingual children living abroad. Whatever is the aim of the courses, I try to bring there a variety of methods, activities and topics, smile, well-being, patience, but also energy, fun and and humour.